Proof Positive.

A proof is the thing that converts a theory into a fact. That makes real what has previously only been suspected.It is observable. Repeatable. Tangible.

Winter Agency provides solutions. It's what we do.

And these are just some of the solutions we have provided for past and current clients. They are not nearly all. And they are not cut and stamped from templates -- they are unique. Individual. Designed with each new challenge in mind. Labored over. Cared for. Never recycled. Always remarkable.

They are proof positive of what we've already done for others. And what we will do for you.

Crocodile Tears?
  • Crocodile Tears?
  • Dog Tired?
  • Feathers Ruffled?
  • Shell Shocked?
  • Fat Cat?
  • Horse Stable?
  • Lowdown Snake?

Veterinary Billboards

For The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at UIUC

Mahomet IGA Testimonial Billboard
  • Mahomet IGA Testimonial Billboard
  • DTCCU Testimonial Billboard
  • Commercial Builders Testimonial Billboard
  • The Fitness Center Testimonial Billboard
  • TGI Friday's Testimonial Billboard
  • Papa Del's Pizza Testimonial Billboard

Bank Testimonial Billboards

For Freestar Bank

Hall Display
  • Hall Display
  • Hall Display Closeup 1
  • Hall Display Closeup 2

Hall Display

For The College of Applied Health Sciences at UIUC